About us

At AchatDeProprietes.com, we are expanding our real estate portfolio in Montreal and the surrounding area by continuously acquiring buildings. We offer different terms than real estate agents to make the process of buying your property easier.

We buy buildings of all kinds, whatever their condition. You will receive a serious and honest offer without any fees or commissions.

Who Are We?

We operate differently from real estate brokers by providing our services without taking any commission or fees.

We are real estate investors and can acquire in cash your residential or commercial building, condo, rental property in Montreal and on the North Shore … We reserve funds each year to ensure the completion of transactions, regardless of their volume and we are committed to ensuring discreet, confidential, secure and fast transactions.

We take care of all the different steps and we evaluate your home free of charge without influencing your decision to sell. Nothing commits you to sell if you contact us and you lose nothing by using our services.

We can provide you with an offer even before your home is fully assessed. You will then receive our formal offer.

We work with professionalism and we make sure to get your money to you within 5 days of the title deed submission in most residential sales. We also take care of your relocation costs if you are owner-occupant. All the costs related to your move will be at our expense.

Achat de Propriétés

We specialize in the quick purchase of homes and condos in Montreal and on the North Shore to help homeowners free themselves from their burdens and debts.

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